Welcome to the 'WICKED' Clothing Company


'WICKED' Clothing Company is a brand name of clothing that is marketed around the play on words and a simple recognizable 'logo' (TM) that represents all men, women and children - of all ages, sizes and color.

COMPANY MISSION: to create a brand name of clothing with 'WICKED' and a 'logo' (TM) that U the customer can wear on your back, sleeve or chest - and relate to with a smile.

OUR OBJECTIVE: get into the hearts and minds of our customers with emotional appeal, humor and by striking a nerve. To create individual feelings favourable towards our idea, our product - for our customers to identify with-in one self.

To put smiles on peoples faces one 'WICKED' tee at a time.

It's all good - it's all bad - U decide!?....